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!!!.Welcome to the Water Sylph Lounge. !!!

(LJ newbies:)Please learn to use the taglist page to find the titles.
For manga raws lovers here's link to another manga raw uploader: you may find cool currently popular titles: so to pay a visit : http://m1s4k0.livejournal.com/
Another baby pearl to add in your VIP manga raws and scans sharer list is http://zero-kiryuu.livejournal.com/
She got a mix-up of popular shounen & shoujo goodies.
And in case you have troubles with finding alternate hosts for downloading your favorite scanned manga titles(for e.g. megaupload which is a bitchty trap for lowbandwidth users here is http://mangahostinglinks.bravehost.com/list.html
This place lists all the manga hosters out there just in case some sites crash and close down it's always good to know where to find ur daily dose except free manga OF COURSE!
What's new
13th BOY VOL 2
SAY LOVE Chapter 01 english
I was supposed to originally create a Shin Angyo Onshi paid community but in a moment of distraction I created a paid livejournal account TT_TT. Yeah i know...Baka generation Rules!!!>_<
But since there already is a fully active sao community i decided to dissolve this LJ and the satellite community and dedicate this LJ to my present occupations. In the first place i was not supposed to be sharing raws but leeching and concentrating on my scanlation project. But i cannot resist spoiling myself since there are many mangas out there that i like(most of the raws i upload are mangas that are licensed in my country) and that are not yet on any raw list so instead of deleting them after viewing or uploading for keepsakes and let the links grow mushrooms, i decided to share .


CLICK to play SAO OST while browsing this PAGE!


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I feel obliged to write the following  because there are daily visits to this journal  so i'm starting to feel a bit self-conscious - and i dun like feelin selfconscious...
And i would like to INSIST on the fact that this is a Livejournal and not a manga sharing forum so indeed you might see my annoying comments under after and around the links but because THIS IS MY LIVEJOURNAL i like writing about this and that even though it may interest noooone but myself. THAT IS WHY I PREFER UPDATING IN LJ than forum; i Feel more Free and not limited to forum rules. Plus tags are automatically up without some damn rule asking uploaders to update  the raw list.
My comments may sometimes be brash and dogmatic so please dont be offended because i was not thinking especially of you while writing this.
Otherwise i'm open to comments and arguments. You may point out this and comment on that without fear. I wont flame you.


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The One [Chapters 19-20]

The One [Chapters 19-20]
Saturday, May 26, 2007 @ 01:08 p.m.

Lele is running as she remembers Eros telling her if he managed to ‘influence’ her and she should go back with that to the photo shoot. Lele thought what ‘influence’ is he talking about, looking at that face of his, does he think that I would fall for him because of a kiss. She remembers him asking her if she likes him that is why he is following him – after dinner last night. Irritated, Lele thought that Eros is a narcissist, a really super narcissist. She arrives back at the set and this surprises everyone. Feidna asks why is Lele so red like a monkey’s ass. The assistant asks why is she back so quickly, wasn’t the break suppose to be two hours, is her stomach okay. She removes her jacket and apologizes to them for the trouble, she is just going to change clothes. At the dressing room, Lele wonders if her face is really red like a monkey’s ass. She realizes it is true as she looks in the mirror. Lele rationalizes it as being shock over the kiss that her heart is even beating so fast. Lele then realizes that it is her ‘first kiss’.


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Sep. 8th, 2007

The One [ Volume 3 - Part 1 of 3 ]

Tuesday, May 22, 2007 @ 02:43 p.m.

Passing in that busy street, my head hurts because of the alcohol and the only thing that keeps me awake is because my feet is cold as I didn’t wear my shoes. Eros walking through the streets with Lele on his shoulder. Lele is crying as she calls him stupid and for him to put her down, just because of eating a piece of sashimi, how childish of him to get angry over a little thing. Eros keeps on walking and not minding her. Lele cries how could he carry her like that walking in the streets, everyone is looking, isn’t he at all embarrassed. Eros says if she is embarrassed then shouldn’t she stop shouting for others to not look at her. Angered, Lele says stupid, you really understand Chinese but still talk in English. Lele shouts let me down, let me down, let me down. Some girls are looking at them saying is it a drunk foreigner, how pitiful. Lele starts to cry as she says that never in her life has she been this embarrassed. [The author notes, really? Hehe because she will be doing a lot of more of those things. =P ] Lele says that she will tell her grandma about him so that Grandma will spank him, you foreigner, pervert, silver-eyed monster. Eros thought if Grandma knew that she has been drinking, she will be the one spanked, you little brat. Still crying, Lele says her head hurts. She starts to cough and says that she feels like puking. Eros angrily says you’ll get it if you puke here. Then, Lele vomits while she is still being carried by Eros who can’t say anything.

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So this what they call bishounen....

Erm....so this is what they call bishounen...you know feminine looking boys...I had to make some research on that coz what i found was not really to my taste , you know if you had to picture asian guys while reading a manga and gosh ...
Here's 3 Japanese and one Korean idol. The korean one is amazing. Such small facial features. He's really like a call. You know could be Heedo in Sugar Addiction...I'm rambling now. Go get your earplugs, noseplugs and eye drops. KYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!  nO! i'm not into asian guys! BTW there's the chinese film festival next week in my area. So i might get a glimpse of a chinese bishie too...
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Poll #1001797 Upload priority

Are my raw uploads worthwhile?

Yes, Please upload more stuff
Who cares? I dont undertand korean duh!
Upload more manga than manhwa
I'd like to see more chisa x pon raws.
They suck!


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Coming soon....

13TH BOY ( * to original scanlator :Please accept my sincere apologies for renaming the file >.<)
3 vols ongoing

Vol 03  Vol 01
VOL 02
This one has quite an interesting plot, and characters since it contains subtle magical elements in it....won't say more. I just have to say that i've been fooled uncountable times because of this manhwa....so many fakes vols out there ...grrrrr

Another Manhwa by Mira Lee
6 vols Complete

I miss the first vol for this one. So i'll be leaving the information in korean for any wonders you emule magicians are capable of...
Vol 2
김이수-스워드 02 (완)

Another incomplete discovery with nice art:
vol 3
gOTTA find former ones
선희-등잔밑 고양이 03

With True realness
( This author is quite into BL so her shoujos mostly have androgynous girls)
3 vols

By the same mangaka
5 vols
Love triangles, quadrangles


Genre: Manhwa
1 Vol of Oneshots


In love with Bad Boy
8 vols

This gotta be the kinkiest manga i've ever stumbled upon. There are scenes in it which are just plain: MY GOD!
The shock is greater when i take into account that this is an old manga and i thought that it would be more conservative or prudish concerning the H subject...nO . This is taboo breaking loose from hell and naive girls driving you crazy.
Vol 01 vol 02 VOL 03 VOL 04 VOL 06 VOL 05 VOL 07 VOL 08
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One Vol Oneshot Raw & More...

Coming Next:

Model Student
By The author of Saver/Cream/Promise
6 vols Complete

Eye-Candy Big Time!!! This is a girl btw....
Model Student 01 Model Student 02-03 Model Student 04-05 Model Student 06

First volume titled: Lady-M Wo Sagase! ( Searching for Lady M)
VOLS 2 -5 titled: Sweet Mission
Type: MANGA in korean
6 Vols
Vol One starts with
a couple of romantic onehots including the prequel to the main story. Akari's Best Friend goes to confess to Megane-kun and then mysteriously goes missing?

I only wanted to give vol 1 a try. And i liked it so far. so i'm downloading more volumes for our greedy eyes. Edit: The other volumes are plain gorgeous. Glasses-Kun is the stereotype of coolness that is so stereotypical of the school council prez(i guess that's what he is) His  cunning coolness (Like Kouya in Ouran Host) is just kyaaaa..!.The girl is just like a wild rabbit being hunted by a predator. Yep. That's the kind of story. If you try to catch rabbit too fast it'll run away from you...
Lady M wo Sagase! 01
Sweet Mission 02
Sweet Mission 03
Sweet Mission 04
Sweet Mission 05

< The mangaka has improved her style lots. How come no one has ever tried to translate her mangas? The only group that has translated 2 chapters from "Kind Demon" is a yaoi intense group(Beyong the Sky). I really think that the shoujo world has lost its way....

Throw a tantrum time:
( One important condition for me to up a manga is that the heroine musn't have orbs that look like flying saucers that have grown a beard....i only see those eyes that take over 3/4th of the face as monster eyes =_=) Drawings of girls who cry with their mouth wide open like a hipopotamus (Thinks Ai Yazawa) make me gag too. Potty Mouth like goldfish lips ( Thinks Video AI & Forbidden Love) can make me puke. I'm very sensible to imagery. Enough not to read a manga.
Mom. I'm having another fit. I need my pills.
But that doesn't mean that all mangas should have the same style. It'll be boring ne?

Subtitled: Ghost Rhapsody
4 Vols
By Kazumi Yamashita
Manga in Korean

OOOHHH. This one i wanted because the cover guy looks like the freak in peter panda and Glory age...
The story is not far from having similar situations...heh....Ok. I take that back. This guy is no guardian angel. If Beetlejuice rings a bell then you'll understand the hell that the girl has go through because a singer she used to idoalize to death, died and wants to give her prim proper very orderly smooth life AHELLUVA makeover! Highly recommended. It's been a long time since i had such an emotion intense manga. Moreover the next good thing about it is the girl who is not a puppet but seems to have a real personality who hangs onto her beliefs like only a true character would. Her feelings doesn't spin into a 360° change overnight just because a bishie has just walked in. Instead Watch her struggle to hold to reason, passion and love. When you can't choose, when you can't leg go of passion or love ( forget reason-that has been lost since ages) then maybe love has to give up on you...
Ghost 01 Ghost 02 Ghost 03 Ghost 04   
warning: Cyberlina's epilectic crisis session:"I AM MOSTLY SURPRISED THAT THIS GOOD A STORY HASN'T BEEN TRANSLATED YET! WHAT'S WITH EVERY GROUP DOING SMUT CRAP FOR DEPRAVED KIDS IN THEIR PUBERTY CRISIS; Get yourselves a boyfriend!" whew! that did me lotsa good^^I feel better now. ...you can continue reading your smut...

Shooting Star
3 vols complete

shooting star 01 shooting star 02 shooting star 03
I always thought this manhwa was shounen-ai. I mean the guy does look like a girl right...i mean the girl does look like a guy right...
Well it's not.
Gender Bender Genre with wierdoes who like to cross dress and a poor girl caught between the weirdoes...The ending is just as weird.  But you must have noticed through my uploads that i like creeps and weirdoes right? Unless you stick out of the lot, have a pierced eyebrows , like to cross dress and wear pink hair i won't friend you nor would i upload your manga. bleh. I must be having a fit. Mommy told me too much pc is bad for your health.
Anyway if you lost between characters keep in mind the long haired one is the girl and the shorter hair is the boy...no its the other way round....I know nobody is reading this. You're all jumping straight to the download links...ha!

My Husband's Situation
or hOw this Man came to be my husband

By manhwaga of Feel so Good

This is a funny manhwa about the love story of a mangaka- you know the type who draws and drools over Flower-Handsome-Boys...
Very nice.

Flying Flower Series - "That's the way i like it"
One Volume
Same Artist as above

A girl that you dont want becomes a girl that you want...
i guess this could be summed up as this.
Edit: I took a closer look at the raws and here is a better summary.
The story is about a cute little girl who wants to marry a star actor she saw on Tv. You imagine than he's much older than her when she reaches her teens. Will he or will he not accept the love of the kid?
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Certainly not by magic...oh? You thought that was it?
General Knowledge for leechers:....Be more grateful to your scanlator teams:

Member Question: I always wanted to know, how long you ACTUALLY need, to scanlate/translate one chapter in total (hours!)?!

SAGA Answers: Interesting question, I guess it depends on the manhwa/manga. That is, if it's text intense or not, or if it is SFX intense or not.

As for translating a medium chapter (30 pages, medium textintense), haibaragi told me it takes her about 2 hours. Then the chapter goes to proofing and I guess the amount of time spent here depends on the translator. Some needs more help than others to make the english more like everyday language. I would say in general around half an hour to 1 hour. Then we have the editing part, which I think is what takes the longest. I would say ... for a medium text/sfx intense chapter, 5-6 hours. Then the qcer probably spend half an hour to 1 hour on checking the chapter, assuming it's in good shape and that the editor knew what she was doing. If not, that's another case (and that can happen often). Also you have to take into the account the time it takes to scan one chapter. Maybe half an hour there too.

Also, for a new editor, proofer or translator it will take a lot longer. And also an sfx intense chapter can increase the time spent on editing A LOT. Sometimes redrawing one sfx, or doing one doublespread can take several hours.

N.B. This has been clipped from ENTROPY Forum.
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